Our people

Meet the team
Brendan closeup
Brendan Dipple
Director - operations, workplans, plant nutrition & sales, food safety & quality
“I believe in our catchcry – Producing quality food, satisfied people and sustainable business – it's the focus of my every day and I strive to improve continually. My interests are in agri-technology and environmental management. I’d like to make a difference.”
Janne closeup
Janne Dipple
Director - business systems, workforce planning & development
“I’m a bit of a ‘foodie’ and I also work in adult education for the broader agri-industry. So I'm passionate about value-adding, education, people, conservation and sustainability. I am also working towards incorporating rare and endangered native plant species back into our property.”

Our core team:

Tractor work
Cody Holborn
Field operator & maintenance
Liza Ratcliffe
Compliance supervisor
Cliff Stanley
Processing coordinator
Jisung Ryu
Crop production manager
Classic harvesting outfit
Cindy Nikijuluw 
Harvest team leader
Uniform shirt - optional
Julie White
Lead packhand

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