Bare Essentials operates with a core staff all year round and offer casual positions to staff during peak season, with some casual staff regularly returning through the year. 

If you are interested to read more on our casual staff employment, please click here.

Our key permanent staff are:

Brendan Dipple
Operations Director

“I really believe in our catchcry – Producing quality food, satisfied people and sustainable business – its the focus of my every day and I strive to continually improve.   I’m really keen to improve the farm’s interaction with our environment.  I’d like to make a difference.”

Janne Dipple
Special Projects Manager 

“I’m a bit of a ‘foodie’ and ‘conservationist’.  So my passions include finding ways to value add our products, education, conservation and sustainability.  I am also working towards incorporating rare and endangered species on our property.”

Grant Dipple
Crop Production Manager  

“I love what I do and the challenges of farming.  I enjoy working with the environment and there’s a great sense of satisfaction in nurturing our crops and soil to produce quality products.”