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Unleash your potential in horticulture

Unleash your potential in horticulture

Master core production skills & explore specialist career paths.

Get paid and join our free transformative 10-week program designed to help you reach your full potential!

First intake:  2 April 2024 to 7 June 2024 (15 places only) - Australian residents only

Second intake:  2 July 2024 to 6 September 2024 (15 places only) - Australian residents only

Each graduate will experience:

WorkFit essentials:

Engage in paid work to master core production skills: including planting, harvesting, and packing.

Job exploration:

Explore specialised jobs in production horticulture to identify potential career paths.  Such as crop growing; machinery operation; groundskeeping; site & mechanical maintenance; harvesting & team work; process & dispatch orders and administration.

Industry insight:

Gain knowledge of the broader industry, understanding where horticultural products go, where to find work, and get training.

On-site counselling & guidance:

Experience on-site counselling for self-discovery and confidence-building.

Tailored vocational training:

Receive free personalised vocational training through UQ Skills (RTO: #1511).

Customised career planning:

Conclude the program with a clear plan – your personalised 'horti-career map'!

Connections for the future:

Take away potential connections for further training or employment.

To register as a participant, click here to complete your form:

Unleash your potential in horticulture

For farmers, employers & industry:

Looking for skilled staff? 

Our program graduates might just be able to help.  

Versatility & diversity:

Participants learn the value of productive farm work (core jobs) as well as specialised roles.  They learn the basics of multi-tasking by experiencing:

Core jobs

  • Harvest
  • Packing
  • Planting
  • Chipping/Weeding etc

Specialist roles

Participants get to experience each type of specialist role in the workplace.  Then select the relevant basic vocational education to be trained during this 10-week program.  Optional specialist roles are:

  • Crop growing
  • Machinery operations
  • Groundskeeping
  • Site & mechanical maintenance
  • Harvesting & team work
  • Processing & dispatch orders
  • Administration

Long-term commitment:

Graduates may provide you with a more consistent workforce as they are genuinely interested in a horti-career.

Free employer connection service:

Connect with our graduates for potential interviews.  They will start work having already experienced production roles on the farm.  Along with having completed their formal training in the specialist roles listed above.  The object being that they are 'multi-taskers' and can move between the basic production work of harvest and packing, as well as helping out in those more specialised roles - keeping them employed for a full week, and all year round.  

If they graduate with plans on further training, their Horti-career Map will show options.  Helping you to get it done the most effective and efficient way around their work on farm.

If you have any queries about employing a graduate and the program - message now:

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Disclaimer:  Bare essentials is not an employment agency or labour hire provider.  If you wish to interview graduates, we will pass your details onto the participants, who will contact you.

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